Littlite L-12-LED , L-18-LED Attatched Gooseneck Lamp
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L-12-LED or L-18-LED

Littlite LED Lampset with 12 or 18 inch gooseneck. Three way rotary switch enables user to toggle between white light and red light output. Heck, you can even turn it off!

Littlite lampsets have a twelve-inch cord set terminating in a 2.1mm socket. GXF-10 power supply has a six-foot cable terminating in a 2.1mm plug.

Littlite L.E.D. - The Coolest Littlite Yet!

Low Voltage - Approximately 135 milliamps at 12 volts drives the Littlite LED to full output.

Energy Efficient - most of the power used by the Littlite LED is delivered to the LEDs . . . not a resistor.

Long life - Over-driving seriously reduces the life of white LEDs. The LEDs in the Littlite LED are not overdriven and may be expected to remain useful for over 10000 hours of operation.

NEW LED TECHNOLOGY built with the same Littlite reliability! Lifetime warranty on the mechanicals, five year warranty on the LED element

Add The Optional HTC Clamp In Order To Clamp On To Most Any Surface!

Attach a Littlite Lampset to the HTC with screws provided or with a Snap Mount and clip away.




  • Item #: L-12-LED/L-18-LED
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Littlite L-12-LED , L-18-LED Attatched Gooseneck Lamp

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